mission statement


The Lighthouse Church is committed to being fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to daily surrendering to His hand as He transforms us from within. We are dedicated to sharing the Love God has freely given to those whom we come in contact. 

We accomplish this through: 

  1. Allowing the Living Word of God to have relevance in our lives through daily reading of the Word and the broken bread in worship
  2. Cultivating a dynamic relationship with God by a commitment to personal and corporate prayer.
  3. Spending time with brothers and sisters in Christ, uplifting and supporting through mutual fellowship.
  4. Equipping our church to fulfill the command of our Lord when he said, "Let your light shine before men."


It is our VISION that the Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene be a beacon of hope to those in spiritual distress, and that they will be drawn to a place of healing and deliverance through our love and living example of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.